Wet-Hat Hosting

Hosting has evolved into a topic of major focus for Wet-Hat Web Design. Having worked with some of our customers for years, we noticed that frequently the area of greatest trouble in their online presence wasn't their website, but rather their hosting. We needed a solution that would provide great phone support, timely fixes, and daily backups. These things help keep costs down when something goes wrong, such as getting hacked or having a server crash. Unfortunately, catastrophes are an unavoidable reality. But they don't have to be painful or expensive.

Enter WP Engine. After much research we decided to give this company a try, and have never looked back. They are simply the best WordPress hosting we could find, and are amazingly cost effective as well. Our partnership with them means that we can give you all of their best features in addition to enhanced, local phone support, for their entry level hosting price of $30/month.

Key Features:

  • Daily Automatic Backups
  • One Click Restores
  • Specialized Server Configuration just for WordPress
  • CDNs to deliver you website faster around the world
  • Reliable Caching for much faster load speeds
  • Phenomenal Phone Support

In a nutshell, that's blazing fast and reliable hosting, bundled with insurance to protect you in emergencies.

The Next Step

Please contact us to learn about putting this superior hosting to work for you.